ENGAGEMENT 1812 - Scheduled to be open (reenactors only) September14th, 2018...

(Public is welcome on the 15th and 16th)

After the OVERWHELMING positive response to last year's event - for which Heritage Mississauga thanks YOU most for! - we have been indeed welcomed back again for another roll through one of Mississauga's most wonderful and beautiful museums, Bradley Museum Complex.  (We must also thank The City of Mississauga AND Bradley Museum for their generous help and welcoming hands too!)

It's been bumped a little earlier this year to allow for other per-scheduled events to take place in October, but we DO hope to find a permanent space on the calendar for this NOW ANNUAL EVENT in Mississauga.

As many know (or will tell you) about the event and site, the space is small, allowing for a very intimate tactical display and a nice, SLIGHTLY informal camp layout... and with the success of 2017, we already know we may need to restrict numbers in terms of registered participants... especially in the field.

REENACTORS CAN REGISTER NOW: Click here or surf to http://engagement1812.com/index.php/2018-reenactors-registration

SUTLERS AND MERCHANTS CAN REGISTER NOW: Click here or surf to http://engagement1812.com/index.php/sutlers-and-merchant