Engagement at Bradley 2018 

Bradley Museum Complex - Mississauga 

 Email: 2018@engagement1812.com


Filling out the form linked below and submitting it will be considered as acknowledgement that you have read the items below on this page, understood them, and agreed to comply with them for our event.

Please note: This event is FREE for merchants and sutlers! We are not charging any fees for tent space or setting up shop at the event.

A: If you were not approached at an event and asked to participate, your application will be reviewed by no less than two event committee members for potential acceptance... We are only opening our event's historic market place to businesses and artisans who (solely) display and/or sell items that are of a historical relevance, (to Upper Canada) significance, or style. The emphasis should be on items found for sale or available in the early 1800's in Upper Canada. If your business is not of that type, we reserve the right to decline you application for space. (Also, please see "I" below for Items Offered for Sale information.)

B: Space for our historical marketplace is limited so it will be invited businesses first, approved businesses after that with no guarantees of available space for the latter... but we will try to accommodate as many as possible.

C: Parking on site is extremely limited... and street parking will need to be used for the most part. Sutler's are welcome on site starting on Friday morning for set-up, and sutlers/merchants must be set-up and on-site no later than Saturday, September 15th, 2018 by 9:45am (site opens to public at 10am).

D: Security on site includes standard mounted exterior security cameras and a frequent drive-up patrol via a private security guard.  On site security, at the time of this form being compiled for the entire event is being looked into, but we cannot promise an on-site security officer for the whole event (and evenings) until confirmation is received from Heritage Mississauga.  At current, all risk and responsibility for theft or loss is with your and your business. Heritage Mississauga, The City of Mississauga, Museums Mississauga, and Bradley Museum Complex cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen merchandise while you are on site.

E: You will be responsible for your own set-up and tear-down and agree to have your set-up completed, able to open for business to the public by Saturday, September 15th, 2018 by 10:45am and will be off site no later than 7:00pm on Sunday, September 16th, 2018. (PLEASE do not start packing up or moving out until after 4:30pm on Sunday.)

F: Firewood will be available and the use of historic 19th century braziers (or a VERY reasonable facsimile) has been approved by the museum. PLEASE DO NOT DIG FIRE PITS or any holes in the ground outside of driving in tent stakes. Unattended fires MUST be dowsed out thoroughly... any merchant that does not do this will have their fires put out and may potentially be asked to leave the event after public closing time and will not be invited back to future events.

G: No modern camping facilities are available for this event. A list of motels and hotels nearby can be furnished if required.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask for the list...

H: Food for sale or even offered to the public cannot prepared/made on site for sale.  Pre-wrapped/packaged candies or pre-wrapped/sealed foods made in health inspected commercial kitchens are okay.

I: Items Offered for Sale should be either antiques or reproductions of 18th and 19th century design - items one might find available in Upper Canada in that period. Plastic items or contemporary mass produced goods are not considered period appropriate for the event. 

Items RELATED to the 18th and 19th century period but are of a contemporary design and build (such as informational CDs, DVDs, and T-Shirts, etc.) are welcome provided they are not breaching any copy protected design or content or using any unauthorized duplication or duplicated items. (Pirated items are not allowed to be offered for sale.) Sale of items acquired by archaeological excavation is strictly prohibited.

Items we will not allow for sale include, but are not limited to: foodstuffs produced outside of a health-inspected commercial kitchen, dream catchers, modern pow-wow items, turquoise jewellery, Mexican and/or Navajo blankets, medieval items, items containing part(s) or the whole of any endangered species, percussion weapons, goods of any sort (outside packaged food items) sold expressly in plastic packaging, clothing or accoutrements not related to The War of 1812 or found in Upper Canada from the period of 1791 - 1824, and any other non-period items.

Any black powder weapons or edged weapons sold on site must be sold at the sutler's/merchant's discretion and responsibility with the understanding that they take any or all liability of the sale and for customer responsibility with said weapon as they deem fit for the purchase/purchaser. (Heritage Mississauga, The City of Mississauga, and Museums Mississauga can not and will not be held responsible for any breach of legalities, damage, or injury caused by or from the sale of any item through a sutler/historic merchant at or around the event.)

If you have any questions about the above, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If we find any breaches of the above (that were not cleared through the event committee,) the items will be requested to be removed from the sutlery/merchant's saleable items display by an event official. If the items are not removed, we may eject you from the event after closing on the day of the infraction and you will not be invited back the following year.

J: Your appearance, as a historical merchant, must include appropriate period tents (again, late 18th, early 19th century Upper Canada) for business and encamping (if staying on site overnight) and we request you and any staff wear period appropriate dress (costume) from 10am until 6pm on Saturday, 10am until 5pm on Sunday.

We ask you avoid public displays of contemporary furniture, displays containing Plexiglas or plastics, cardboard, and non-"authentic" (early 19th century design) show tables and chairs.  Gas or "Coleman" (and "Coleman-Like") stoves, barbecues, and hibachis are not to be in a place that's visible to the public while on the site during the hours of the event (10am until 6pm on Saturday, 10am until 5pm on Sunday).  Period correct braziers, as stated, are welcome.

Of course, we do expect all merchants to be professional in their dealings with visitors, customers, and with our volunteers and the museum staff...

H: City Park Considerations: Bradley Museum Complex is situated on property considered to be city park space for The City of Mississauga, and although special considerations are made in consideration of the event and its elements, it is requested the any alcoholic beverages be kept out of display to the public and smoking only be done in designated smoking areas (as enforced by city/regional/provincial bylaws.)


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